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Which of my books you are more interested to read ?
: The Good Quality Managers Guideline (Translated)
: Customer Loyalty: Concepts and Models
: Principles and Techniques of Lean Six Sigma
: Principles of Handling Conferences and Workshops
: Innovation Management
: The Application of Data Mining in Marketing
: Energy Management
: Total Quality Management
: Six Sigma

5/19/2024 Sunday  


Book chapters   

1.    Shahin, A. (2006), "SERVQUAL and model of service quality gaps: A framework for determining and prioritizing critical factors in delivering quality services", In: Service quality – An introduction, Partha Sarathy V. (ed), Andhra Pradesh: ICFAI University Press, pp. 117-131.

2.    Shahin, A. (2008), "Quality Function Deployment (QFD): A Comprehensive Review", In: Total Quality Management - Contemporary Perspectives and Cases, Rajmanohar, T.P. (ed), Andhra Pradesh: ICFAI University Press, pp. 47-79.

3.    Shahin, A. (2010), "A Comprehensive Framework for Six Sigma Critical Success Factors - with an Experience in a Developing Country", In: Quality Management and Six Sigma, Coskun, A. (ed), Croatia: Sciyo, pp. 43-52.

4.    Shahin, A. and Pourhamidi, M. (2013). "Cost of quality and profit value of Six Sigma", in Shahin, A. (ed), Six Sigma, Cheyenne, WY: AcademyPublish, pp. 135-147.

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